Smashed SMASHED Dean has a thing for Jess - and it drives him crazy that she's with Christian. Egged on by his friends, he manoeuvres everyone into making a hot-tempered and brainless move. This unreal drama of one night's events tells a tale of hubris, jealousy, complete loss of control and the desire to undo the past. An intelligent and unsettling short thriller about passion, powerlessness and an attempt to turn back the clock.

Starring Harrison Gilbertson & Toby Wallace, with Leo Santangelo, Henry Reimer Miller and Sarah Jeavons.
PLAY TRAILER (2017) Winner - Best Film, Stellar Film Festival, Melbourne, 2018
Winner - Grave Intentions Film Competition, Birmingham, 2018
Best Short Film - South Australian Screen Awards, 2017
Best Director - South Australian Screen Awards, 2017
Best Editor - South Australian Screen Awards, 2017
Best Cinematographer - South Australian Screen Awards, 2017
Best Sound Design - South Australian Screen Awards, 2017
Highly Commended cert - Golden Knight Malta International Film Festival, 2017
Australian Sound Guild Award - Best Short Fiction: Andrew Graue, Pete Best, 2017
Australian Cinematographers Society Awards - Gold Award: Maxx Corkindale
World Premiere: Berlin International Film Festival, 2017
US Premiere: Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, 2017
Official Selection Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, 2017
Dead by Dawn Film Festival, U.K 2018
Stellar Film Festival, Victoria 2018
Fantosfreak Film Festival, Spain 2018
Nevermore Film Festival, North Carolina U.S 2018
Athens Film Festival, Greece 2018
Golden Knight Film Festival - Malta 2017
Philip K.Dick Film Festival - New York U.S 2018
Flickerfest, Sydney 2018
Cinefest Oz, Western Australia 2017
Raindance Film Festival, London U.K - 2017
Twin Cities Horror Festival, Minnesota U.S 2017
Rhode Island Film Festival, U.S 2017
Telluride Horror-show Film Festival U.S 2017
St.Kilda Film Festival 2017
Sydney Film Festival 2017
Adelaide Film Festival 2017
Too Dark TOO DARK A forest too eerie. A girl too vulnerable. A Predator too inept.

A frightfully funny tale that's TOO DARK.

The dark woods of this winter bound shire are no place for a damsel in distress... or for a sack-head killer in this darkly humorous case. A beautiful young woman Jess fights her way through the clawing forest being closely pursued by her worst nightmare. In a classic tale of the hunter becoming the hunted, Too Dark will leave you in stitches!

Starring Sarah Jeavons and Brendan Rock
(2015) FESTIVALS & AWARDS Fantosfreak Film Festival, Spain 2018
Freedom Shorts Film Festival Philadelphia 2017
Official Selection Studio City International Film Festival 2016
Official Selection Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2016
Grand Jury Prize Nomination Seattle Shorts Film Festival 2016
Best Director - Sean Lahiff, Peninsula Short Film Festival 2016
3rd place Best Short - Peninsula Short Film Festival 2016
- 13 Opening Night Monsterfest 2015
Winner Best Actor Sarah Jeavons, SA Screen Awards 2015
Winner Sound Design Sean Lahiff, SA Screen Awards 2015
Official Selection St.Kilda Film Festival 2015
Official Selection Adelaide Film Festival 2015
Official Selection Perth Revelation Film Festival 2015
Age of Avatars AGE OF AVATARS (2008) A wireless network has been detected and Gen Y is definitely connected but in an age of avatars and online persona's, can they successfully balance their virtual lives with their real ones?

Aired on SBS - Australia
The Runner THE RUNNER (2008) In a world ravaged by war, the fate of human kind rests in the hands of one faithful man, Ryder - The Runner.

Armed with the sacred amulet stolen from his war-mad general, Ryder must combat his own men in a desperate struggle to save his planet.

The only salvation of man-kind is to release the ancient artefact back to its rightful owner - the Alien race laying waste to their planet.
Sol-3 STERILISING SOL-3 Imagine a future where habitable worlds have become the most valuable commodity. Claiming potential colonialist space breeds fierce rivalry amongst mercenaries. They fight for the third planet of the system SOL. (2005) FESTIVALS & AWARDS Official Selection at IFCT International Film Festival, Washington D.C. 2007
Official Selection at Shockerfest International Film Festival, California 2006
Official Selection at Perth Revelation International Film Festival 2005
Official Selection of Trailer at FAKE Film Fest, Adelaide Film Festival 2005
- 8 Winner of Gold Australian Cinematographer Society, DOP Nima Nabili-Rad 2005
Winner of AV Central’s Best Emerging Editing, Editor Simon Herden 2004
Winner of Best Sound Design at Zoom Awards, Sound Designer Colin Zammit 2004
Nominated at Zoom for Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Production Design 2004